James Lett III


Growing up in a rural mountain area has instilled an appreciation for nature in James since he was a young boy. Finding himself also drawn to the human form, he has been an artist since he can remember, drawing figures and fantastical environments to accompany them. When he turned 5, James was given a Super Nintendo Entertainment System that captured his imagination with so many worlds like the ones he lost himself in when he would draw.

He would continue to play video games as he grew up, and at the age of 13, James found a professional term for what he enjoyed so much: Concept Art. It became his dream, and he is currently pursuing a B.F.A. in Illustration at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design that would enable him to turn that dream into a reality. Beyond concept art, he also illustrates a variety of subjects, including wildlife, advertising and editorial work. Having grown up in the forested mountains of New Jersey, James has both drawn inspiration for his fantastic realms from the wildlife around him, and has as well become simply enamored with life’s natural beauty.

James also has had a strong interest in Greek and Egyptian mythology since he was young. Given the chance, he will turn to the mythos for inspiration for his concept art as well as simply to depict a scene from one of the many tales. While his favorite gods are from Greek mythology ( his main interest of many ), he tries to sometimes bring styles of dress from those periods into his designs here in there, either as a base or as a clear nod to those civilizations and times.

When not illustrating James can be found playing the video games he so loves, and otherwise enjoying life though hiking, cooking, writing and spending time with his family and friends.


  • illustration
  • concept art
  • mythology
  • advertising
  • medieval
  • video games
  • character design
  • creature design
  • environment design


  • photoshop
  • illustrator
  • in-design
  • flash
  • maya
  • painter